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After this specialized training, SEALs are capable of using guerilla warfare in battle, including infiltrating into the enemy's camp, destroying enemy supplies and creating diversions.

Unconventional Weapons and International Terrorism: Challenges and New Approaches - CRC Press Book

In addition, they build relationships with foreign nationals, move against enemy targets through ambushes and rescuing hostages, serve in counterterrorism squads, and engage in special reconnaissance, spying, gathering information and doing the preliminary work to prepare for an invasion of armed forces. Aside from training in teamwork, SEALs spend more than 30 months learning how to dive and drive, engaging in combat swimming, training with explosives, and parachuting and swimming with their hands and feet bound.

Of course, before you even get into the SEAL program, you have to be in good enough shape to swim yards It will also, we are told, be a "punitive" strike. So goes the brutal collective-punishment ethos of the geopolitical correctional officer.

Unconventional Weapons and Technology

It has even been reported that perhaps the main purpose of the attack on Syria will be to send a message to another actor entirely: Iran. This doesn't mean actually writing messages on the bombs, which would obviously be pointless because the messages would be illegible after the bombs exploded.

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It means bombing Syria as a way of warning Iran that the US won't tolerate its pursuit of "unconventional weapons" either. This sounds clever.

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  6. It's just a shame that bombing one set of people to impress another is more or less the definition of terrorism. Even doubters can surely agree that it's good that any such attack will at least be "serious". To kill people frivolously, after all, would just add insult to injury.

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    For Instructors Request Inspection Copy. In recent years, senior policy officials have highlighted increased signs of convergence between terrorism and unconventional CBRN weapons. Terrorism now involves technologies available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, deployed through innovative solutions. This indicates a new and more complex global security environment with increasing risks of terrorists trying to acquire and deploy a CBRN Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear attack.

    This book addresses the critical importance of understanding innovation and decision-making between terrorist groups and unconventional weapons, and the difficulty in pinpointing what factors may drive violence escalation. It also underscores the necessity to understand the complex interaction between terrorist group dynamics and decision-making behaviour in relation to old and new technologies.

    Unconventional Weapons and International Terrorism seeks to identify a set of early warnings and critical indicators for possible future terrorist efforts to acquire and utilize unconventional CBRN weapons as a means to pursue their goals.